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Lommy Eye units use SUT protocol when communicating with a server.
Read more in the UDP server section.

Lommy Manager

Connect the unit to your computer and adjust the options. See Lommy Manager for more information.
To be able to change any files, you need to put the unit in "boot mode":

Press and hold the button on the PCB.
Click the "Reset Lommy" button, when it becomes available in Lommy Manager.
Hold the button on the PCB for a few seconds more and then release it.
In Lommy Manager under "Status" it should say "boot mode".

Standard configuration Tracker.fps


Below is a list of all parameters.

Report interval

Send a report once every 24 hours. Convert number of hours to seconds (24 hours: 24 x 60 x 60 = 86400).
Set MOVE-WAKEUP (G-Sensor), LIGHT-SENSOR and ECHO-MODE to "0" as we dont want these to trigger the report.


Report interval G-Sensor

Send a report once an hour as long as the unit registers movement. If the unit is not moving, REPORT-INTERVAL applies.


Light sensor

Send a report when the light sensor is exposed to light. REPORT-MIN-DELAY defines how often a report is sent while the unit is exposed to light.



To enable the GPS module, set parameter value to number of seconds the unit should wait for GPS-fix.


Defined interval

Define a time of the day, when you wish the report should occur. This will override other report interval parameters.
MONSAT = Set the week calendar. Values apply for each day from monday to saturday. Format {hh:mm} (UTC time)
SUN = Set the sunday calendar. Values apply for sundays. Format {hh:mm} (UTC time)



It is possible to interact with the unit via SMS. There is no guarantee that the SMS will be received as the unit is "sleeping" most of the time.

When the unit receives this, it will send back an SMS with status of the unit.
The SMS sender does NOT need to be listed on the unit in the "SMSSENDER" parameter.
SMS example: STAT

The device will restart after executing the command.
The SMS sender needs to be listed on the unit in the "SMSSENDER" parameter.
SMS example: RESET

Add/modify configuration parameters on the unit. If the "parameter" does not exist on the unit, it will be created.
The SMS sender needs to be listed on the unit in the "SMSSENDER" parameter.

ECHO mode

Mode 0: ECHO feature is disabled.
Mode 1: The device will search for any ECHOTag which is defined in the ECHOLIST.
If the rssi value of the ECHOTag is above a parameterized limit, the device will be connected to the EchoTag.
Periodically, the device will check that the connected ECHOTag is still within radio range. (In this case, the rssi will not matter.)
If the ECHOTag is not responding, the device will retry a number of times. If the ECHOTag is still silent, the device will start seaching again.
A report is sent to the server if:
1. The device connects to a new EchoTag.
2. The device loses connection and cannot find a new EchoTag.
Mode 2: Like Mode 1, with the difference that a report is sent if:
1. The device is unconnected and connects to a new EchoTag.
2. The device loses connection and cannot find a new EchoTag.


This command needs to be sent from the server.
Download new Firmware or User application from the given server.
Example: RELOAD,,3
1: Firmware
2: User application
3: Both

The new software will be downloaded in "chunks" of 20KB each with RELOAD-MIN-DELAY seconds inbetween.
The device will not send any reports to the server while downloading is in progress.
After download and install of the new software, the device will reset and include VER and FWVER in the first report (and TNO will start from -1).

PCB Button

A report can be forced by pressing the small button, located on the PCB.
All Button triggered reports will have 120 seconds to get a GPS fix.

Parameter Value Default Description
REPORT-MIN-DELAY seconds 1800 The minimum delay between reports.
REPORT-INTERVAL seconds 86400 Time between reports.
REPORT-INTERVAL-MOVE seconds 3600 Time between reports for G-Sensor.
MOVE-WAKEUP 0-2 0 0: G-Sensor disabled. 1-2: G-Sensor enabled.
MOVE-DELAY seconds 120 Wait x seconds and check if the device is still moving.
GPS-TIMEOUT seconds 120 How long to wait for a valid GPS fix.
GPS-SKIP -0 3 Skip x number of GPS positions to improve accuracy.
MOVE-SENSITIVITY 0-6000 350 The sensitivity of the G-Sensor. milli-G
REPORT-MAX-RETRY 0-255 2 Retry x times if ACK is not received.
REPORT-RETRY-DELAY seconds 1800 The delay between retries.
FLEXSTREAM-IP text   Server IP/DNS and port "myserver.com:30000"
PIN text   SIM card pin code.
APN text internet GPRS APN.
USERNAME text   GPRS User name.
PASSWORD text   GPRS Password.
BEACON-INTERVAL seconds 5 Time between sending RF packets.
REPORT-INTERVAL-BEACON seconds 3600 Report interval while Beacon is active.
ECHO-INTERVAL seconds 60 Time between checking for echo-tag presence.
ECHO-THRESHOLD dbm -80 Min. signal strength from ECHO tag, before connecting.
ECHO-MODE 0-255 0 See "ECHO mode".
BEACON-TX-LVL % 100 Level of beacon TX packets.
LIGHT-SENSOR 0-1 0 0: Light sensor disabled. 1: Light sensor enabled.
RELOAD-MIN-DELAY seconds 1800 The minimum delay between downloading blocks of data.
FLEXSTREAM-CIRCULAR 0-100   Number of reports that can be saved in memory.
GSM-VON mV 3000 Min. voltage over super caps before report is allowed.
GSM-CONNECT-TIMEOUT seconds 60 GSM connect timeout.
NOGSM-TIMEOUT seconds 86400 If the device has not been able to connect to a GSM station during this time period, RF beacon will be started. Requires NOGSM-BROADCAST to be higher than 0.
NOGSM-BROADCAST seconds 60 If higher than 0, beacon will be activated if gsm connection has failed for too long.
STATEMASK 64 bits 840000000 This bit-field defines when a report must be sent to the server. This value must be hexadecimal.
WOLF-LISTEN-PERIOD seconds 45 See "Wolf tags".
WOLF-DELAY-PERIOD seconds 300 See "Wolf tags".
WOLF-SENSE-PERIOD seconds 120 See "Wolf tags".
POS-DATA-MODE 0-1 0 0: Cell info will always be included in the reports. (Default)
1: Cell info will only be included if GPS fix cannot be achieved.
SMSSENDER list   A list of phone numbers that are allowed to send SMS messages to the unit. The numbers MUST include the country code also. If set to “ALL”, all senders will be accepted.
TEMP-INPUT 0-2 0 Temperature measurement source.
0: CPU temperature (Default)
1: External sensor (MCP9701) on input 1
2: External sensor (MCP9701) on input 2


Command Value Description
RESET   The device will restart after executing the command.
RELOAD server,type See "RELOAD".